Welcome to FMB

Since it was founded in 1990,
FMB Feinwerk- und Messtechnik GmbH has developed into a successful system provider for equipment used for conducting research with synchrotron radiation.
More than 60 employees are highly skilled with the knowledge required for dealing with vacuum and beamline technology.


Our engineers and technicians are always setting themselves new challenges, and go right to the limits of the technically feasible.

Getting internationally-respected experts actively and heavily involved in the development and testing of our products ensures that the latest scientific findings are available and also that there is a good understanding of the needs of our customers.


We provide professional management for the entire development, engineering, production, testing and installation – all from one single source.

Analyses and physical calculations such as optical ray tracing, strength and thermal load calculations, made using the latest computer science, form the basis of innovative and reliable products.


FMB ensures its equipment meets the high requirements in terms of cleanness and purity by conducting assembly in separate, low-particle-count or clean rooms.
Appropriate assembly halls, including one dust free clean room, are available for UHV–proof assembly.
High–precision theodolites are available for adjustment and high– precision position control of components and complete systems.


Different welding methods, such as MAG, TIG or microplasma welding, can also be used whenever necessary. Electron beam and laser welding are done by experienced partners.
High-quality soldering work is done in our own clean high-vacuum furnace. FMB can also offer the right quality when soldering different materials and combinations of high-grade steel, copper, Glidcop or ceramic.


All production parts are cleaned vacuum-proof in special FMB laboratories.
These are equipped with water de-mineralisation units, ultrasonic baths, suspension dryers, combined rinse and dip tanks, as well as conductivity rinse tanks.
In terms of their sizes, parts up to five metres in length can be cleaned in the baths.
A particle count recording system from 0.3 micrometers permits low particle cleaning in a special ISO 5 class clean room.


FMB uses the latest test engineering and air-conditioned measurement labs:
- Metric surveying using stationary and mobile 3D coordinate measurement equipment
- Verification of the residual magnetic permeability using Foerster probes and low-mu indicators
- Vacuum testing including baking, leakage tests, determination of the specific desorption rate and of the residual gas mass spectrum
- Pressure tests and Functional tests
- Visual inspection, using a video-endoscope

FMB – NEG Systeme

FMB is a licence holder for the NEG technology developed at CERN.
In special coating systems developed at FMB, vacuum chambers with the widest range of inner geometric sizes and made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, or copper can be coated with pump active NEG coats on the inner surfaces up to a length of 5 metres.
And the benefit for the customer here is that the whole production process, together with the UHV cleaning, NEG coating and tests are all completed in one source.


FMB also offers installation and commissioning of equipment in close cooperation with our customers, of course.

The transfer of knowledge and training of your staff by FMB ensure optimal use of the equipment and also ensure that your application targets are reached.


The offer
- Extensive customer service even during the preparation phase of projects
- Integration of external scientists, experts and consultants
- Development, engineering, manufacture and testing
- Installation, testing and commissioning at the customer’s location
- Training and transfer of know-how
- Flexible service

Information: Change to the management team in Berlin

It is a fact of life that as time passes we get older and our Managing Director, Uwe Schneck, has now reached that time of life where he would like to have just a little more time to spend doing those things that he had always planned but never quite got round to!

Of course, all good businesses should have effective plans in place for succession of the senior managers and FMB Berlin has been preparing for this particular eventuality for some time.  
Uwe does not intend to make a complete break from the business but has agreed with the Management Team that he will stay on part time for the foreseeable future - so he will still be available for management and sales support and you may well see him at User Meetings, conferences or even on tender clarification meetings. However, he will relinquish the Managing Director position on August 31st.

Jens Rekow, who also has been our Managing Director since last year will continue the company to lead. Even with this change, FMB remains the reliable partner for the solution of your tasks.

We are looking forward to continuing an interesting and successful cooperation.

Information: Our strategy in light of the continued escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear customers and suppliers,

In light of the continued escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to inform you on the strategy FMB Berlin has implemented to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers and how we are ensuring the continuity of our activities.

Our efforts are based on the guidance from the German governmental and health authorities as well as other statutory organizations.  We are constantly adapting these measures to comply with the latest guidelines as the situation evolves rapidly.

As of November 2020 FMB has changed to a 2-shift operating mode in order to reduce contacts and increase the physical distance between people. We work with a maximum of two employees per office room. The option to work from home is used wherever possible.

Nevertheless, we will continue to take the further actions to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic:

We will fully support our customers with remote or emergency service intervention requests, within the limits of local governmental restrictions, preferably using distance-based tools (conference calls, video conferencing and remote control).

We maintain the business operations by acting appropriately to reduce risks. This includes for example:

- Hygienic measures (promotion of respiratory hygiene, usage of disinfectant dispensers, codes of behavior)
- Keeping the minimum distance between people
- Usage of face-masks
- Operation of air cleaners in all office and meeting rooms
- Installation of Plexiglass shields in office rooms

We appreciate your understanding.

FMB has its production headquarters and main offices on the grounds of WISTA, the Science and Technology Park at Adlershof, in the south-east of the German capital, Berlin.
Since October 2007, FMB Oxford, the former Oxford Instruments Synchrotron Division, has also been part of the company.

Since it was founded in the autumn of 1990, FMB has developed into a successful, high end provider of equipment for research with synchrotron radiation.

FMB provides a full range of services from engineering and production through to installation and commissioning at the customer's premises.

In its 4,000 square metre office and production space, the company develops and manufactures the most diverse range of components and systems for synchrotron storage rings using state-of the art design and manufacturing technologies. And it also has sophisticated testing facilities at its highly efficient production plants.

Complete vacuum systems, front-ends and beamlines for synchrotron radiation: these represent the company's core business. Over the last few years, a range of quite different methods for using this radiation in research and industry have led to increasingly specialised equipment technology.
And especially for vacuum chambers, monochromators, slit systems, mirror systems and diagnostics, FMB is your partner when it comes to competence and efficiency.

The development and production of custom equipment and components for other ultra-high vacuum applications and for precision mechanics are also considered to be among the company's other main business areas.