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Testing methods and equipment
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An air conditioned measurement room with integrated 3D measurement technology, a laser interferometer and a laser autocollimator is available for the optical and metrical measuring of all devices and components.

In order to monitor the narrow tolerance limits from production through to delivery, FMB utilises a mobile 3D measuring station. And of course all of the data collected here is recorded and documented.

° Metric testing
• Complete equipment for metric testing
• Single parts and small–lot testing using 3D coordinate measuring machine (Mitutoyo type)

° Permeability
• Measurement using a Foerster probe of the magnetoscope type 1.068 with probe (10 times higher sensibility)
• Use in workshop area with Low–Mu– Permeability Indicator (<1.01 – 2.5 µrel)

° Leakage testing
• Complete equipment with mobile He leakage detectors (HLT 270 and HLT 160)

° Ultrasonic testing
• Forged semi–finished parts will be subjected to a 100% ultrasonic testing at the German safety standards authority TÜV or the German Federal Institute for MaterialsTesting (BAM).