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Intensity Absorber - Photon Shutter

Technische Beschreibung

The Absorber serves to absorb the synchrotron radiation and to carry away the related heat capacity of the absorber body by way of water cooling.

The absorber insert consists of

  • the basic flange (DN 100 CF),
  • the absorber body,
  • in standard design made of OFHC copper or Glidcop®,
  • an OFHC copper coil (6 x 1) vacuum-brazed to the back and serving as water cooling,
  • -a bar-like support assembly which is atmospherically sealed using a membrane bellows, and
  • -a pneumatic cylinder equipped with 2 proximity switches used as end switches.

The pneumatic cylinder is double-acting. In case of a loss of media (compressed air, voltage) the absorber moves into the beam path.
The electrical proximity switches can be exchanged against mechanical micro switches.
The positioning and arrangement of the intensity absorber in the front end is made together with a 150l/s ion pump, the all-metal gate valve, a fast-closing valve and a small chamber on a separate steel column with an x, y, z adjusting frame.

Technische Daten

Overall dimensions
-Base flange:

CF 100 ( bigger O.R. )
about 750 mm

Active length in beam direction: appr. 80 mm

Aperture: appr. 20 x 10 mm2

Heat load: appr. 4 kW

Absorber material: OFHC-Copper or Glidcop®

Absorber stroke: 50 mm

Cooling water connection: Swagelok

Cooling water pipe: tube 6x1, copper

Leakage rate: <1 x 10-10mbar • l • s-1

Compressed air: 6 bar

Download this file (Photon_Shutter.pdf)Photon_Shutter.pdf