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Precision slit ( entrance and exit slit ) V1_2003
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Technische Beschreibung

The exit slit is designed as a backlash free spring pivot system allowing a symmetricaly and exactly parallel opening and closing of the two slit jaws with one single linear precision feedthrough.
It can be driven by a manual precision linear feedthrough or alternatively by a stepper-motordriven linear feedthrough with high accuracy. The whole slit assembly is mounted on a CF150 base flange. Outside the base flange are reference points for the alignment.
The water cooling of the slit jaws or their electrical insulation for photon current measurement are possible options.
The slit chamber has a nominal size of 150CF and additional ports for a ion pump as well as flanges for e.g. view ports, fluorescent screens a.s.o..
The whole slit chamber can be moved along the beam direction by a manual or stepper-motordriven precision linear guide system. The necessary length compensation is realised with
welded bellows.
The whole unit is mounted on a rigid steel frame support which contains elevation and lateral adjustment elements. It allows a exact air-side alignment of the slit to the beam axis.

Technische Daten

Slit subassembly
- Slit opening range
- Repeatability of the slit opening
- Step size of the slit opening
..(with stepper motor linear feedthrough)
- Slit jaw length
- Slit jaw parallelism

0...3 mm
< 3 µm

< 1 µm / step
30 mm
< 3 µm

Linear system for travel parallel to the beam
- Beam direction stroke
- Positioning accuracy
- Travelling accuracy

Up to ± 500 mm
± 0.2 mm
± 10 µm

Frame support
- Elevation and lateral adjustment range of the
..adjustment elements
- Adjusting elements accuracy

± 10 mm
± 0.05 mm

Nominal width of ports
- Pump flange
- Entry and exit flange or membrane bellows

DN 100 CF
DN 35 CF