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Intensity Monitor

Technische Beschreibung

The intensity monitor is used for in-situ measurement of the photon flow and can be used in a broad energy range. Photons hit an isolated, stretched-out net which is connected to an ammeter, and generate an external photoelectrical effect.
Electrons leave the net and lead to an electrical current as a measure of the photon flow. In order to allow the use of different net materials and net dimensions the monitor has receptacles for two nets. The cooled monitor head is installed on a linear travel mechanism. Thus the two nets can be moved into different beam positions or completely removed out of the beam. In order to improve the electron yield the nets are BIAS-compatible.

Technische Daten

Energy range: 1 keV … 20 keV

Nets: tungsten, gold, copper, nickel

Net size: Ø 12 mm

Transmission: > 75 %

Electrical feedthrough: x floating shield

Basic flange: CF 100

Monitor head: OFHC copper

Manipulator stroke: 50 mm vertical

Drive: stepping motor, limit and reference switches

Cooling: OFHC copper pipe, Ø 6x1

Temperature measurement: TC, K-type

Photo-current measurement:
1 pico-ammeter (e.g. Keithley 6487 or equivalent)

UHV compatibility: yes

Download this file (Intensitymonitor.pdf)Intensitymonitor.pdf