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BPM ID Komplett | Additional equipment for BPM, LoCuM-4 and Cables

Technische Beschreibung

In addition to the Beam Position Monitor,
FMB offers the necessary additional equipment for installation of complete BPM-units:

1. The BPM chamber
- FMB standard solution or according to customer’s specification
- material: 1.4301 or 304, option: 316LN (flanges)

2. The underframe (column)

- massive standard column, filling with sand is recommended
- insulation against variations in temperature
- special design according to space requirements is possible

3. The LoCuM-4 with cables
- for analysis of the detected photon currents
- four-channel low-current monitor and current-voltage converter
- simultaneous determination of the four independent photocurrents between 100 pA and 1mA
- controller for internal switch function – remote mode via RS232
- special double-shielded measurement cable (length about 20 m) is recommended

4. Pinhole Array
- with frame
- installation in dipole BPM

5. Appropriate bellow
- welded bellows ( about 20 membrane pairs (DN35CF) and 30 membrane pairs (DN63CF) ) for motorized stages
- hydroformed bellows for manual adjustment

6. The motorised H-V-Stage
- adjustment of the complete pre-set BPM into its accurate measurement position within the Beamline
- high precision and compactness
- with stepper motor
- encoder is recommended, but manual operation is possible (necessary mechanical limitation is installed)

Technische Daten

H-, V-Stag e10/10
Length over all ≈ 354,4 mm
Width over all ≈ 195 mm
Height over all ≈ 215,5 mm … 225,5 mm
Stroke Y (horz.) 10 mm
Stroke Z (vert.) 10 mm
Repeat accuracy with Encoder (option) ± 0,001 mm
Repeat accuracy with limit switch ± 0,01 mm
Threaded spindle:
-Dimension M12x1
-Normal backlash 0,02 mm
-Pitch error 0,003 mm…0,008 mm

Stepper motor
Type High-torque PK-type
No. PK268-E2,0B
Holding Torque 1,35 Nm
Current per Phase 2 A
Voltage 4,5 VDC
Resitance per Phase 2,25 Ω
Angle per fullstep 1,8°
Repeat accuracy with Encoder(optional) ± 0,001mm
Step mode Full / half / micro
Connection motor Coninvers RC-09P1N324100
Connection limit switch Coninvers RC-12P1N324100

Encoder (option)
Company Renishaw
Type RGH24
Resolution 5 μm … 0,1μm
Signal TTL RS-422
Current 120 mA (150 mA)
Voltage 5 VDC ±5%
Connection Sub-D 15 Male